Today we are excited to announce a new plan available the Remora Backup add-on: Bring Your Own Storage.

As the name indicates, Bring Your Own Storage (BYO), is a plan that allows you to specify a server you control that will store the encrypted Remora Offsite Backup file.

The requirements are simple. First, you will need a server that supports SSH authentication via public / private key pair. Remora Backup provides an RSA public key that you place on your server, which is then used for authentication when the backup file is securely transferred to your server. Second, of course, is the space necessary to store the backup file. That’s it!

In talking with companies interested in using Remora Backup, the requirement for a custom server was mentioned frequently. We’ve answered our customer’s requests in the most secure, easy way possible with our new BYO plan.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out or to look through our Dev Center article.